One Tool, For Every Industry

DocVision has been tested and proven within several verticals such as Supply chain, HR, Legal, Accountancy and many more.

Invoice Management and Processing

Invoice Management

Handle all your invoices from multiple vendors, including segregation and extraction of information. You can also push this data into your account software or ERP.

Distribute your purchase orders among different vendors, all while extracting relevant information and putting it across to your ERP or accounting software.

PO Management And Versioning

Legal Clause Extraction and Remediation

Get every clause from any document and do the the remediation through the WorkBench page in an instant. Also, we can segregate the content based on the obligations on each party.

Operational management, simplified. A single repository for all your documents, including the original file, readable PDF, highlighted PDF etc with single click downloading.

Integrated Document Management

Document Custody

Mortgage Document Custody

Mortgage custody

Not only did we handle all mortgage documents and extract the information, but we also put rules behind each extraction and filtered viable applicants from inviable savings abundant viable resources.