Instant Intelligent OCR, without any coding.

Obtain any kind of information from documents, effortlessly.

Create, Customize, Train and Implement Extraction Workflows, In a few minutes.

Easy Extraction Rules Configuration

Your team can setup the extraction rules, without any technical knowledge within a few minutes. Tell DocVision what you want to extract, how much you want to extract and from where you want this extraction to take place.

Inbuilt Document Enhancement

DocVision has image enhancement built into it, to edit images in bulk for the purpose of higher quality extractions.

Drag-and-drop Workflow Builder

Create end-to-end extractions workflows, with our drag-and-drop functionality. Select the document source/destination, the actions to be performed on those document and the output type.


DocVision can simultaneously extract information in multiple languages from the same workflow. We can currently extract information in 36 lanaguages including Chinese, Malay, Thai, French, English, Japanese and many more.

Integration At Our Core

With DocVision, your team can choose the document source/destination as an API and the output as a .json file for unlimited integrations and easy deployment within your current environment.

Operational Management, Simplified.

Manager can edit, run, delete and stop workflows of their subordinates. Users can also find all the downloadable files (Extracted file, readable PDF, Source file, highlight PDF), in one place.

  • Workbench, For All Manual Your Remediation

    Stare-and-compare the extractions with the source documents seamlessly with the document and extracted data on the same screen with confidence levels for easy manual remediation.

  • All Downloadable Files At Your Fingertips

    Download the extracted file, readable PDF, Highlighted PDF and/or the source documents, at the press of a button on the Workbench.

  • Control Room For Managers

    Governance is one of the most powerful aspects of DocVision. A manager can supervise all the projects and workflows of their team, through our "Manage Projects" tab. They can create, improve or delete workflows built by the team, with a few clicks.

  • Customizable Dashboard for Capable Analytics

    Need to know how many pages or documents have been processed? Or which team members have the most usage and productivity? Or maybe you need to know the time spent per document? Well, we have customizable Dahsboards for all your needs.

Build your extraction workflow with our simple drag-and-drop functionality

DocVision enables the businees user to create mutli-layered workflows for data extraction within a few minutes. Select where you want to pick up the documents from, what you would like to do with them, how you would like your output and where you would like the destination to be.

1. Select Document Source
(Local, Sharepoint etc)

2. Select the document type
(Template or custom)

3. Select action

4. Setup the rules
for extraction/classification

5. Select output

6. Verification and reconciliation
with our WorkBench

Infographic design set can be used for workflow layout, diagram, annual report, presentation, web design. Business and management concept with process charts.

Document Extraction Workflow Management

Limitless Possibilities, From A Single Tool.

Select your document destination/source, choose whether you need to classify and/or extract data, setup your extraction rules, select your preferred output type and within a few minutes, your team has a fully functional and integrated document extraction workflow. Built by a business user, with ease. You can also get your output in .json for ultimate integrations within your current environment. 

Ultimate Savings Unparalleled Accuracy

DocVision has enabled organizations worldwide, to save valuable resources like time and money, while drastically improving the accuracy and governance of document extraction processes. 



Resources Saved




Tested, Proved and Loved By Richter Merged documents using Business Automation, AI And Robotics

An intelligent software robot (Business Automation and Robotics or ‘BAAR’) was implemented to automate the manual processing, classification, merging and uploading of documents. Combining Robotic Processing Automation with Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence and Optical Character Resolution (OCR), BAAR makes predictions and decisions based on algorithms and statistical models, without being explicitly programmed to perform the specific task at hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

DocVision is a web-based application, so you can always just login!

Yes! DocVision is a cloud-based tool, but if preferred, can always be deployed on-premise or on a private cloud for processing confidential documents.

There is absolutely no restriction in this aspect, through the same workflow, you can process thousands of documents.

Around 5 to 15 seconds per page depending on the number of parameters and image enhancements. 

No, absolutely not. ANYBODY can understand and use the tool in a few hours!

Using our simple business user oriented interface. You basically tell DocVision “What” you want to extract, “How Much” you want to extract and “From Where” you want to extraction specific information. All this, just in a few clicks.